This quest it's plitted in 5 parts and you'll have to "deal" with an Eccentric Man for it.

- Part 1: Woglinde, near the teleport. 

  Rewards: 3 Adamantite, 3 Orichalcum, 3 Mithril.

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He'll ask you to defeat a Black Dragon close to Arboreal Ruins, Vidofnirand reach the otherworld. Fly up in the sky close to the Big Tree to find him. After defeating him you'll unlock the teleport, you just need to enter and exit immediately, than just fly back to the man to complete the first part of the quest.

- Part 2: Flosshilde, near the teleport.

  Rewards: e Rainbow Scale, 3 Furious Twinhorn, 3 Reaper Eyes

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Now you need to go back to the City of Ryne to receive a mail from the man, asking to find him.

This time he'll ask you to defeat a monster under Flosshilde, Bergrisl, and reach the otherworld again. Reach the middle of the map you'll see a path to go underground and reach a city, there you'll find the Green Dragon. Defeat him to unlock the teleport and like the last time, take a sneak peek inside of it and go back to the Eccentric man.

- Part 3: Wellgunde, near the teleport

  Rewards: 3 White Fang, 3 Wriggling Sharptail, 3 Black Claw.

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Again go back to Ryne to reach the man's mail.

As usual he'll ask you to defeat this world's boss, Angrboda , and reach the otherworld through the portal. Fly up in the sky until you reach the "stars" to find the big Octopus, defeat him and reach the teleport on the "moon", take a peek inside of it and go back to the Eccentric Man to clear this part.

- Part 4: Niebelheim, near the teleport.

  Rewards: 3 Bloody Thorn, 3 Dream Antenna, 3 White Silver Shell

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As usual go back to Ryne to receive the email.

He'll ask you to defeat the Rock Monster, Gullinbursti, and reach the otherworld, again. Fly on top of the tower until you reach the big platform with the boss on it, beat him and enter the teleport.

Now go back to the Man to clear this part of the quest.

- Part 5: Dicy Cafe, Flosshilde.

  Rewards: 1 Crest of Yggdrasil, 1 Repentance, 1 Tritone Ring

Now you have to go to the Dicey Cafe and talk to Maria, she'll ask you to find her husband. Exit the Pub, reach the teleport and go to Flosshilde, fly up in the sky until you reach the highest star, you'll find the entrance to the "Cavern of Trials". Once inside you'll need to reach the North-West part of the cave to find the Eccentric Man, talk to him and go back to Dicey Cafe, talk to Maria and this Sidequest will be finally cleared.

For a detailed walkthrough check the video below