DIVINE RAMUH: 31 JUL 2020, 14 AUG 2020

When HP is at least 80% of MAX HP, raises Magical Attack by 6%
* Same Spheres do not stack

When hitting target's weakness, raises Initial BRV and Max BRV by 4% for 3 turns

After using an ability: Increases BRV by 40% of Initial BRV

* Only once per turn
* Enhanced BRV/HP Attacks are included

When own HP is restored, raises party's Initial BRV, Max BRV by 2% for 3 turns

After granting a buff, restores 4% of Max HP
※Only once per turn

After inflicting a debuff, raises Attack by 4% for 6 turns

After inflicting a debuff, Raises Max BRV and Attack by 4% for 3 turns