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Crystal Strength: 5

CP Cost: 10

Shock Power: Slightly raises BRV damage dealt with "Shock"


Crystal Strength: 10

CP Cost: 5

Critical Power: Slightly raises critical BRV damage


Crystal Strength: 15

CP Cost: 10

Shock Speed Up: Slightly raises Speed for 1 turn after using "Shock"


Crystal Strength: 25

CP Cost: 10

Shock Charge: "Shock" use + 1


Crystal Strength: 30

CP Cost: 15

BRV Speed Up: Slightly raises Speed when BRV is at least 50% Max BRV


Crystal Strength: 35

CP Cost: 10

Smoke Attack Up: Slightly raises Attack for 1 turn after using "Smoke"


Crystal Strength: 40

CP Cost: 10

Avoid BRV Gain: Slightly raises BRV after evading an enemy attack


Crystal Strength: 45

CP Cost: 15

Smoke BRV Gain: Gains a small amount of BRV after using "Smoke"


Crystal Strength: 50

CP Cost: 15

Ninja's Secret Teachings: Slightly raises Speed for 1 turn when BRV equals 0


Crystal Strength: 54

CP Cost: 5

Buff Attack&Boost Up: Moderately raises Max BRV and Attack while buffed


Crystal Strength: 55

CP Cost: 15

Shock Extend: "Shock" use +2

When using "Shock":

  • Increases the number of BRV hits to 4

  • Tremendously raises total BRV potency

  • Stolen BRV can overflow up to 120% Max BRV

  • Grants "Max BRV Up" for 4 turns

  • Triggers an HP attack after use


Crystal Strength: 58

CP Cost: 5

Eblan's Teachings Attack All: Moderately raises party Attack while "Eblan's Teachings" is active


Crystal Strength: 60

CP Cost: 15

Smoke Extend: "Smoke" use +1

When using "Smoke Screen":

  • Slightly raises the BRV gain based on Attack

  • Raises party BRV based on Attack

  • Adds the effect of "Small Speed Up" into "Teaching of Eblan"

  • Increases the duration of "Evasion Rate Up" by 1 turn

  • Increases the duration of "Teaching of Eblan" by 4 turns

  • Inflicts "Medium Attack Down" to all enemies for 4 turns

  • Triggers a 2-HIT Thunder magic BRV + HP Attack on target after use

  • Stolen BRV can overflow up to 120% Max BRV

While "Eblan's Teachings" is active:

     Turns "BRV Attack" into "BRV Attack+" with the following effects:

  • 2-HIT Thunder magic BRV Attack

  • Moderately raises total BRV potency

  • Raises party BRV based on BRV damage dealt

     Turns "HP Attack" into "HP Attack+" with the following effects:

  • Thunder magic BRV + HP Attack

  • Raises party BRV based on HP damage dealt

  • Lowers Action Delay


Crystal Strength: 68

CP Cost: 5

Resonance of Destruction and Power: Raises party's Attack and Max BRV by 10%


Crystal Strength: 70

CP Cost: 15

Thunder Burst Extend: When using "Thunder Burst":

  • Slightly improves "Attack Up" effect


Crystal Strength: 75

CP Cost: autoequip

Call Ability: "Smoke Screen": 【C】

  • Increases own Max BRV by a large amount, followed by recovering BRV to all allies based on own ATK.

  • Inflicts "Target Lock" to all enemies for 1 ACTION, and "ATK Down Mid" for 2 ACTIONS.

  • 2-HIT Thunder magic BRV attack + HP attack


Triggers the following unique effects for 3 ACTIONS after use:

  • Evasion Rate Up Mid to Caller


Crystal Strength: 78

CP Cost: 5

Weak Evasion All: When using a CA with BRV Attacks, increases all allies’ Evasion by a small amount after striking the target’s weakness


Crystal Strength: 80

CP Cost: autoequip

Smoke Screen (C) Rank Up: When using CA "Smoke Screen":

  • Extends base duration of [ATK Down] by 2 ACTIONS

  • Allows for 120% Stolen BRV Max BRV Overflow

  • Improves the post unique effects by a medium amount