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      When using "Frost Blade", "Glacification", "Glacification+":

  • Raises BRV potency

  • Improves effects of "Wisdom of the Zilart"

      When using "Frost Blade":

  • Grants 1 additional stack of "Esoteric Region"

      When using "Glacification", "Glacification+":

  • Raises the success rate of "Paralysis"


     When using "Esoteric Region", "Esoteric Region+":

  • Slightly improves BRV gain based on Attack

  • Extends duration of "Desire of Provenance" by 2 turns

     When using Esoteric Region:

  • Extends duration of "Esoteric Region" by 2 turns

  • Grants 1 additional stack of "Esoteric Region"



     Equip Ex Ability "Great Wheel"

     2-HIT AoE melee BRV Attack + AoE HP Attack
     Moderately increases BRV damage dealt to a single target
     Deals 100% HP damage to all targets
     Grants Ducal Charisma for 8 turns
     Grants 2 additional stacks of Esoteric Region

     When "Esoteric Region" is at 5 stacks:

  • Removes "Esoteric Region"

  • Grants "Desire of Provenance" for 6 turns

"Great Wheel Power"

  • Increases BRV Damage Dealt by "Great Wheel", "Great Wheel+" by a small amount

"Great Wheel Delay Plus"

  • When using "Great Wheel", "Great Wheel+", delays target’s turn by 1.

"Great Wheel Recast Up"

  • Increases Recast Speed of "Great Wheel" by a small amount.



"Great Wheel BRV Up Force Advance"

     When using "Great Wheel", "Great Wheel+":

  • Allows for 120% Max BRV Overflow

  • Recovers BRV to self based on HP Damage Dealt

  • Increases BRV Potency of "Great Wheel" by a medium amount, and "Great Wheel+" by an extremely large amount

"Desires Lasting Over Millenniums Attack Boost Up"

      While EX Weapon "Divine Blade (XI)+" or Passive "Desires Lasting Over Millenniums Extend" is 


  • Increases own Max BRV by a large amount, and ATK by a medium amount.

"Great Wheel Buff Start"

​     When Quest begins:

  • Grants "Archduke’s Charisma" and 2 Stacks of "Esoteric Scrivening" to self for 8 ACTIONS.

"Great Wheel BRV Up Force Advance Critical Power"

     When using "Great Wheel":

  • Recovers BRV to self based on own ATK before BRV Attack

  • Increases BRV Potency by a medium amount

  • Increases Max BRV Overflow Limit (to 150%)

     When using "Great Wheel+":

  • Recovers BRV to self based on own ATK before BRV Attack.

  • Increases BRV Potency by an extremely large amount.

  • Increases Max BRV Overflow Limit (to 150%)

     While EX Weapon "Divine Blade (XI)+" or Passive "Desires Lasting Over Millenniums Extend" is


  • Increases own Critical BRV Damage Dealt by 50%.

     Bonus Sphere "Full HP Break Hit Attack Down"

  • When breaking or attacking a broken enemy while HP is full, inflicts "ATK Down 30%" to target for 6 ACTIONS.



     Equips LD Ability "Light Blade":

  • 8-HIT Melee BRV + HP Attack.

  • Allows for 180% Stolen BRV Max BRV Overflow.

  • Deals 50% Splash HP Damage to non-targeted enemies.

     Dispels "Esoteric Scrivening", and grants "Genesiac Impetus" to self for 6 ACTIONS. 

     Grants Unique Effect "Unmatched Hero" to self for 4 ACTIONS.

     Does not consume ability usage next turn (except some abilities).

     Unique effect "Unmatched Hero":

  • Self ATK Up (20%)

  • When turn ends, recovers BRV to self based on (30% of) total HP Damage Dealt by self that turn

  • All Allies BRV Regen based on (10% of) their Max BRV at the start of their turn

  • All Allies Stolen BRV Max BRV Overflow Limit Up (20%)

"Light Blade Power +++"

  • Increases own ATK by a small amount (30%)

  • Increases BRV Damage Dealt by「Light Blade」by a small amount (10%)

  •      While "Genesiac Impetus" and "Unmatched Hero" are active, turns "BRV Attack" into

  •      "BRV Attack+++":

  • 4-HIT Ice melee BRV attack

  • When breaking a target, nullifies Action Delay and grants a free turn

  • Additional turn does not contribute towards total turn count (except Summon Phase / Friend Support)

  • When breaking a target or attacking a broken target, "Glarification" becomes "Glarification+"

  •      *Free turn will not be granted again upon breaking targets during free turn

"Unmatched Hero Long"

  • Increases own ATK by a small amount (30%)

  • When using "Light Blade", extends base duration of "Unmatched Hero" by 4 ACTIONS

"Light Blade Charge"

  • Increases own ATK by a small amount (30%)

  • Adds +1 Usage to "Light Blade"



  • ATK+72 and DEF+84


  • HP+680 and INT BRV+110


  • MAX BRV+220 and ATK+72


  • Self: Lowers INT BRV, MAX BRV, ATK by 10%, DEF by 20%

  • Self: Obtainable BRV and maximum HP DMG dealt may exceed 99999 by 10% (up to 109998)