Lucky Emblems in Kingdom hearts 3 are "objects" that resemble Mickey Mouse's well known face&ears symbol. There are a total of 90 and are needed to unlock the Secret Ending, we need all the 90 Emblems in Beginner mode, 60 in Standard and 30 in Proud Mode in order to unlock it.

There are 11 Emblems in Arendelle:

1- Start from the North Mountain Treecape Save Point and climb on the mountain to the right, the Emblem is on a tree.


2- From The Labyrinth of Ice Lower Tier Save Point check the path close to you, you'll find the Emblem at the end



3- From the previous emblem go north and climb up to reach Middle Tier, to the left of the bridge, on the wall, you'll se the next Emblem.



4- Reach the teleport close to you and go back up, from here go right and take the first railway to reach a room, climb on the rocks there to see the Emblem.



5- Go back to the starting point where the teleport is and turn yourself to see an elevator, follow the path all the way until you reach an horizontal bridge, jump on it to spot the Emblem on the right


6- From Mountain Ridge Save Point turn yourself and go down the snowy road, you'll spot the Emblem on the Mountain's wall.


7- Now go back up and take the path to the right of the Castle, keep walking until you reach the end of the Frozen Wall, the Emblem is in front of you



8- Follow down the path until you find the 2 Frost Serpent, from there if you look right there's a wall that you can walk on and another little space to the right, go there to find the Emblem.


9- From the Snowfield Save Point follow down the path until you see a wall that can be climbed, go on top of it and look down to see to Emblem to your right.


10- From the previous one keep going down the road until you reach a large "square", reach the western part to find the Emblem on a trunk of woods.


11- Keep going down the path and enter the next map, here climb the biggest boulder that you see in front of you (the one you used to hide from the wind), turn yourself to see the Emblem on a small rock.


For a detailed walkthrough check the video below: