Lucky Emblems in Kingdom hearts 3 are "objects" that resemble Mickey Mouse's well known face&ears symbol. There are a total of 90 and are needed to unlock the Secret Ending, we need all the 90 Emblems in Beginner mode, 60 in sStandard and 30 in Proud Mode in order to unlock it.

There are 3 Emblems in Olympus:

1- From the starting point turn around, you'll find the first Emblem inside the bucket to the left of the tree.

pooh 3.png

2- The next one is on the side if the biggest Pumpkin you can see.

pooh 2.png

3-  From the previous one pass the small bridge and look in the distance, you'll see the last Emblem far away.

pooh 1.png

For a detailed walkthrough check the video below: