Lucky Emblems in Kingdom hearts 3 are "objects" that resemble Mickey Mouse's well known face&ears symbol. There are a total of 90 and are needed to unlock the Secret Ending, we need all the 90 Emblems in Beginner mode, 60 in sStandard and 30 in Proud Mode in order to unlock it.

There are 11 Emblems in Toy Box:

1- From Andy's Room climb up the first library to the east, you'll find the Emblem on a box


2- Reach the roof outside of the window, the Emblem is in the farthest right angle of the roof.



3- Reach the house's front door, the leaf on the ground form the Emblem.



4- The back of the van on the street.



5- From Galaxy Toys Main Floor 1F Save Point, go right where the registers are, reach the middle one and look the wall to the right to spot the Emblem.



6- On Floor 1F plaza take control of a robot and destroy the pile of toys to the north, you'll find the Emblem on the pedestal.


7- From the Main Floor 2F reach the room where you fight the Rex, reach the farthest East part and enter the Vents Conduct, keep following the path until you reach the first fan. Use the fan to reach the path in front of you and turn around, the Emblem is right in front of you.


8- Keep following the path until you reach Babies & Toddlers: Dolls, you'll see the Emblem hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room.


9- Exit Babies & Toddlers and go left, reach the robots to the south and you'll find the Emblem on the pedestal of the left one


10- From the previous one jump on top of the Ufo hanging from the ceiling, here's the next Emblem.


11- The last one os outside of the entrance, go out and look to your right to spot the Emblem.


For a detailed walkthrough check the video below: