Lucky Emblems in Kingdom hearts 3 are "objects" that resemble Mickey Mouse's well known face&ears symbol. There are a total of 90 and are needed to unlock the Secret Ending, we need all the 90 Emblems in Beginner mode, 60 in Standard and 30 in Proud Mode in order to unlock it.

There are 9 Emblems in Twilight Town:

1- From the Neighborhood/Tram Save Point check  the wall to the left of Donald, you'll see the Emblem on top of

    the small tree.

2- On top of the Tram, it's on the rooftop.


3- From the Neighborhood/Tram Save Point climb on top of the shop with 3 chimneys, the Emblem is on top of the

    bigger one


4- On the Cinema's screen, wait for the movie to end to see the Emblem.


5- From the previeus Emblem jump on top of the first building you'll see to your right, if you look down to you'll see the Emblem on a table on the lower rooftop.

6- From the exit of the Sewer, turn back and look to your right to see the Emblem.

7- Climb up the city wall to the West and you'll find the Emblem on the wall.

8- Reach the far East side of the Woods, you'll find the Emblem on the side of a molehill.

9- On the wall outside of the Mansion gate.

For a detailed walkthrough check the video below: