In Kingdom Hearts 3 you'll find some "strange" Heartless that would like to challenge you in different "competition", getting High Scores in these challenges is required to get the 7 Orichalcum+ needed to forge the Ultima Weapon Keyblade.

Here's a full list of the 7 Flantastic:

00:07 Olympus

  Requirement: 20000 Score 

From Thebes Overlook Save point take the stairs and go on top of it to find the Cherry Flan.

This challenge consist in running with the Trinity Sled and catch as many Flans as possible, the red arrows on the ground will help you turning in the direction of the enemies.

02:30 Toy Box

  Requirement: 17000 Score

From Galaxy Toys Rest Area Save Point run West to spot the Strawberry Flan. 

For this challenge you'll be playing with a Mad Tea Cup, you need to catch as many flan as you can   to build a tower on top of you, this'll help catching the ones flying. If you get hit by the Flan on the rolling Strawberries you'll lose a part of your "tower" so always pay attention to your surroundings.

- 04:45 Corona

  Requirement: 23000 Score

From The Forest Tower Save Point enter the cave to the North, you'll find the Orange Flan right outside of the exit.

For this challenge you'll need to take pictures with your camera to the Flans, they all have a precise

pattern for their movements and you'll notice the exact moment when you have to take the pic, 6

Excellent are enough to the the required score.

- 09:03 Monstropolis

  Requirement: 20000 Score

From The Factory Basement Save Point  enter the white door to your right, now reach the wall made of doors and enter the bottom left one. You'll find the Banana Flan at the end of the path to your left.

For this challenge you need to destroy as many Flan as possible while avoiding being hit by the Big one. The easiest way that I found for this challenge is to equip some ether and spamming Thundaga to kill flans as possible in the minor time possible, using the Ever After Keybalde might help since it can kill a lot of enemies with the Mirage Staff finisher.

- 11:50 Arendelle

  Requirement: 20000 Score

From The North Mountain- Mountain Ridge Save Point look at the pit to your left and jump down, you'll reach the Grape Flan.

For this challenge you need to kill as many Flan as you can, like for Monstropolis's Flan Thundaga and Ever After Keyblade are your best friends, just keep running around and spam thundaga and you'll get  the score pretty easily.

- 14:11 Caribbean

  Requirement: 28000

From Port Royal Fort Save Point just reach the centre of the roof to spot the Watermelon Flan.

For this challenge you have to his 4 different cannons with your keyblade to shoot at the enemies before they reach you, hitting the bell in the middle will trigger 3 consecutive shoots with all the cannons, try to use this when you see the Watermelon Flans flying in the distance.

- 16:20 San Fransokyo

  Requirement: 15000 Score

From San Fransokyo South District Night Save Point climb on top of the first Skyscraper and from there reach the Building that looks like a circle on the map to spot the Honeydew Flan.

For this challenge you'll have 5 Flan on each rooftop and you'll have to jump on top of their heads, just remember that you can't jump on the same one's head 2 times consecutively, once you see some sparkles on one's head that will send you to another rooftop, and the game goes on like this until you miss one.

Once you're done with all the 7 Flan you'll have the 7 Orichalcum+ for your Ultima Weapon and you'll get the Flanmeister Trophy.

For a detailed trophy check the video below: