In the game there a total of 17 Locks and 3 Safes that needs to be opened in order to get the in game challenge and the Trophy "Master of Unlocking".

You'll need the Lockpick for all the Locks that you get while progressing through the story.


- 00:07 Fancy Box 1

  In the safe Area inside the Moon Donuts' Shop

- 00:39 Fancy Box 2 (Lockpick required)

  Inside Toy Uncle's Shop

- 01:00 Fancy Box 3 (Bolt Cutters required)

  Inside the supermarket, on a shelf right in front of the entrance

- 01:35 Rewards

  1 gem: 1 HAND GRENADE

  2 gem: TACTICAL STOCK (Shotgun Upgrade)

  3 gem: ITEM PUCH

For a complete walkthrough check the video below: