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Crystal Strength: 5

CP Cost: 10

Chain Slash: Power Slightly raises BRV damage dealt with Chain Slash.


Crystal Strength: 10

CP Cost: 10

Debuff Speed Up: Slightly raises Speed while an enemy is debuffed.


Crystal Strength: 15

CP Cost: 10

High Tension: Slightly raises Attack for 3 turns when the battle starts.


Crystal Strength: 25

CP Cost: 10

Rush Assault Power: Slightly raises BRV damage dealt with Rush Assault.


Crystal Strength: 30

CP Cost: 15

BRV Danger Speed Up: Slightly raises Speed when BRV is below Initial BRV.


Crystal Strength: 35

CP Cost: 10

Chain Slash Charge: Increases the max uses of "Chain Slash" by 1.


Crystal Strength: 40

CP Cost: 10

Debuff Attack Up: Slightly raises Attack while an enemy is debuffed.


Crystal Strength: 45

CP Cost: 10

Rush Assault Charge: Increases the max uses of "Rush Assault" by 1.


Crystal Strength: 50

CP Cost: 15

SOLDIER's Pride: Slightly raises Max BRV and Attack if HP is MAX at start of final wave.


Crystal Strength: 54

CP Cost: 5

Buff Boost&Speed Up: Slightly raises Max BRV and Speed while buffed.


Crystal Strength: 55

CP Cost: 15

Chain Slash Extend: When using "Chain Slash":

  • Moderately raises its potency

  • Stolen BRV can overflow up to 120% Max BRV.

  • Triggers an HP attack after use

  • Converts 10% HP damage dealt to BRV

After using "Chain Slash":

  • Turns BRV Attack to BRV Attack+ for 6 turns.

     BRV Attack+ has the following effects:

  • 2-HIT melee BRV attack.

  • Moderate potency boost.

  • Provokes the target for 2 turns (Lock debuff).


Crystal Strength: 58

CP Cost: 5

Buff Attack&Boost All: Moderately raises party's Max BRV and Attack while buffed.


Crystal Strength: 60

CP Cost: 15

Rush Assault Extend: When using "Rush Assault":

  • Deals a 8-HIT set of melee BRV+HP attacks.

  • First set is 3-HIT melee BRV+HP attack.

  • Second is a 2-HIT melee BRV+HP attack.

  • Third is a 3-HIT melee BRV+HP attack

  • Greatly raises its total potency.

  • Converts 10% HP damage dealt to BRV.

  • Extends the duration of granted buffs by 2 turns.

After using "Rush Assault":

  • Turns HP Attack to HP Attack+ for 7 turns.

     HP Attack+ has the following effects:

  • Raises BRV based on Max BRV before the HP attack.

  • Converts 10% HP damage dealt to BRV.


Crystal Strength: 68

CP Cost: 5

Radiance of Destruction and Power: Raises Max BRV and Attack by 20%


Crystal Strength: 70

CP Cost: 15

Base Advance Extend: When using "Base Advance":

  • Slightly improves Initial BRV Up effect

  • Slightly raises the Max BRV Overflow limit


Crystal Strength: 75

CP Cost: autoequip

Call Ability: "Chain Slash"【C】

  • 5-HIT Melee BRV + HP Attack.

  • Increases BRV Potency when targeted by enemy.

  • Recovers BRV to Caller based on 30% of HP Damage Dealt.

  • Inflicts [Target Lock] to target for 2 ACTIONS.

     Triggers the following unique effects for 3 ACTIONS after use:

  • Physical Resistance Up to Caller


Crystal Strength: 78

CP Cost: 5

Break Hit Resist All: When using a CA with BRV Attacks, reduces BRV Damage Taken by all allies by a small amount for 3 ACTIONS when breaking target or attacking a broken target


Crystal Strength: 80

CP Cost: autoequip

Chain Slash (C) Rank Up: When using CA "Chain Slash":

  • Allows for 180% Stolen BRV Max BRV Overflow

  • Extends base duration of [Target Lock] by 2 ACTIONS

  • Extends base duration of post unique effects by 3 ACTIONS